Sergei Vilkov

Deputy Director General

Supervisor of:

* Department for State Defense Order.

Terms of reference:

* control over the implementation of the State Armament Program and State Defense Order (SDO);
* consolidation of design and technological resources of the enterprises within the Holding;
* establishment the optimal cooperation among the enterprises within the Holding;
* coordination of and control over the implementation of SDO by the organizations of the Holding;
* preparation of reports on placing and implementing tasks for SDO;
* development and continuous update of the database on state contracts for SDO that are concluded and fulfilled by the organizations of the Holding;
* establishment and functioning of quality management system at AO UIMC; coordination of the work with external organizations (supervision authorities working on QMC, customers and consumers), control over QMC at affiliated organizations managed by AO UIMC;
* facilitation of the fulfillment of SDO;
* development of SDO, promotion of advanced projects.

Born on октября1, 1970, town of Kovylkino, Mordovian ASSR.


1992 – graduation from Ulyanovsk Higher Command College of Communications named after G.Ordzhonikidze.

Professional record

1988 – 2015 – Head of Directorate for Orders on Technical Upgrade of the Control System of the Armed Forces of Russia (military service).
2014 – 2015– Director responsible for social projects of AO Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Control Systems, Moscow.
2015 – till now – Acting Director General of AO CRI EICS, Moscow.
2015 – till now – Deputy Director General of AO United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation.

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