Lobanova Oksana

CFO, Deputy CEO

Responsible for:

Department of financial and economic policy.


* control activities in the field of accounting and tax accounting, preparation of financial statements (RAS and IFRS), including their automation and interaction with the audience (RAS and IFRS).
* implementation of financial and economic, budget, dividend, credit policy of the corporation and the Holding companies;
* coordination and methodological support issues of budget planning and reporting of the corporation , the Holding companies;
* coordination and methodological support of the issues of financial security of the corporation, the Holding companies;
* providing financing the corporation's activities, coordination and methodological support of debt management policies and financial obligations of the corporation;
* interaction with financial institutions, coordinating the work of the organizations of the Holding with financial institutions;
* maintenance of formation and use of funds of the corporation funds, Holding companies;
* organization of the creation, development and operation of a single corporate treasury to the Holding Company and institutions;
* Evaluation and control of the economic efficiency of investment projects of the corporation and the Holding companies.

Born November 25, 1965 in Gorky city.


In 1989 - graduated from the Moscow State University.
In 2004 - graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation

Professional activity

1989 - 1990 years. - Design Engineer Ramenskoye Design Bureau, Moscow region, Ramenskoye.
1994 - 2002 years. - Project manager of "Jet Infosystems" CJSC, Moscow
2002. - Assistant Auditor "Intellect Consulting" JSC, Moscow
2002. - Assistant auditor "Audit firm" Leda " LLC, Moscow
2002 - 2002 years. - Financial Analyst "Lianozovo Dairy" JSC, Moscow
2003 -2004 years. - Financial Manager, Deputy Comptroller "Wimm-Bill-Dann", Moscow
2004 - 2005 years. - Financial Controller of "Lianozovo Dairy", Moscow
2008 - 2015 years. - Head of financial and economic policy advisers in Rostec Corporation, Moscow
2015 - Advisor in the group of CEO advisors in "UIMC" JSC, Moscow
2015 - Present. – CFO, Deputy, "UIMC" JSC, Moscow

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