Deputy CEO.


* Office for State Defense Order.
* Office for Foreign Economic Activities and Marketing.


* Control over the implementation of the governmental arms program, state defense order, programs of military and technical cooperation, federal targeted programs within the scope of operations of the units supervised.
* Implementation of the policy of the Company in the area of foreign trade.
* Coordination of marketing policy of the Company, daughter and affiliated companies of the Company, as well as their daughter and affiliated companies.
* Implementation of marketing activities of the Company in the framework of military and technical cooperation.
* Coordination and Monitoring of promoting high-tech products on the foreign market and transfer of technologies and services.
* Establishment of the ideology and requirements for the products.
* Facilitation of cooperation interactions of the Company with foreign organizations and companies except for investment projects and projects related to acquisition of market shares in foreign organizations and companies.

Born on January 1, 1960 in Petropavlovka village of Sarkandskii district of Taldy-Kurgan region of Kazakh SSR.


In 1981 - graduated from Tashkent Higher Tank Commander College and served as tank platoon commander, tank troop commander, Chief of Staff and Second-in-command of a tank battalion.
In 1991 - graduated from the Military Academy of Armored Troops.
In 2001 - graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Professional record

In 1991-2001 Mr. Skokov served in tank and motor rifle troops of Western Group of Forces and Moscow Military District as commander of tank battalion, second-in-command of armored regiment, Chief of Staff and second-in-command at Guard Regional Training Center for junior specialists (armored forces).

2001-2003 – Head of Guard Regional Training Center for junior specialists (armored forces) in Siberian Military District.

2003-2004 – Deputy Chief of Staff of Northern Caucasus Military District.

2004-2007 – Chief of Staff, Vice Commander-in-Chief of the army, Commander-in-Chief of the army in Volga-Urals Military District.

2007-2009 – Vice Commander of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

2009-2011 – Chief of the Army General Headquarters, Vice Commander-in-chief of the Army.

2011-2012 – Deputy Director of NPO OAO Concern Sozvezdie.

2012-2013 – Chief of Staff of the Principal Designer of the Tactical Automated Control Systems in Sozvezdie concern.

2013-2014 – Advisor to CEO and Principal Designer of Sozvezdie concern.

2014 – nowadays – Deputy CEO of OAO United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation.

Awards and ranks

Military orders: Order of Military Merit, Order for Service to the Motherland IV class; medals: Distinguished Service, Military Valor 1 class etc.
Retired General Lieutenant.

Civil status

Married, 2 sons.

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