Deputy Director General.


* Human Resource Office;
* Organizational and Administrative Department;
* Press Service


* Organizational, administrative and economic support to the activities of the Company;
* Documental support to the activities of the Company;
* Implementation of human resource management policy of the Company, its daughter and affiliated companies, as well as their daughter and affiliated companies;
* Standardization of policies and personnel management procedures;
* Computer support to the activities of the Company, development of computer technologies;
* Facilitation of procurement procedures (works and services) for the needs of the Company;
* Shaping, developing and stimulating human resources of the Company;
* Implementation of the promotion policy of the Company;
* Management of external communication system.

Mr. Nikolaev was born on Actober 27, 1976, in Afanasjevo village of Kirov region


In 2000, graduation from the Institute of State Administration majoring in law;
2007 – Russian Presidential Academy of Civil Service of the Russian Federation

Professional record:

1996 – 1998, practice in law;
1998 – 2005, Assistant to Director General, Deputy Director General in commercial companies;
2005-2010, Deputy Head of the Administration of State Secretariat of the Common State, Permanent Committee of the Common State;
2010 – 2013, Head of Organizational and Administrative Directorate of Federal Forestry Agency;
2014 till now, Deputy Director General of OAO United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation .

Civil status

Married, three children.

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