The corporation has completed supplying goods for the Dutch company Miramap and commissioning one more lot of SHF radiometers of the new generation; the devices designated for controlling the condition of dikes and preventing floods. That upgraded equipment can monitor dikes proactively and obtain the data on hidden soil washing away and on flooding threats that cannot be detected visually.

“Floods have been the traditional issue for the Netherlands, because considerable part of the country is below the sea level, and it regularly faces the threat of flooding,” told the Director of the Innovative Development of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Alexander Kalinin. “The government has a great interest in timely monitoring the waterworks, including dikes. Solutions developed by our concern Vega in the area of SHF radiometry allow solving the problem. Dutch researchers mount radiometers on UAVs and 4-wheelrs, what helps them investigate remote areas and dikes, where other machines cannot get.”


Formerly, the Netherlands got radiometers of the previous generation, Ranet-21, with the help of which the Dutch company made its studies in the course of the last seven years. The new devices, Ranet-21M, are four times smaller and lighter, what reduces power consumption and increases the time of autonomous operation. Smaller size allows joining several radiometers in one device, and getting data from several pipelines during one trip. After processing, the data is aligned with the map and stored for future comparisons of the condition of a dike and adjacent territories in different years.

By the request of the foreign partners, Russian experts made turn-key tuning of the equipment and tested it at real facilities in the Netherlands. Then the equipment was adapted to special software of the foreign partners.

“The Netherlands has already got several generations of radiometers, and, in the opinion of the customer, they showed all advantages possible in terms of information value, reliability, and convenience in use,” told the Head of a department from Concern Vega, Chief Designer of radiometers Ranet Igor Sidorov. “We’ve negotiated with the Dutch partner, and the issue of possible patenting of the results of the joint research in Russia and the EU was under discussion.”

SHF radiometers measure the intensity of radio and heat radiation, which gives data, for example, on the moisture content of the soil. They have a wide range of functions: measurement  of the ground water level, monitoring of the hydrological situation along pipelines, detection of underground leaks in dikes and under motorways. Radiometers can also be used for monitoring fire hazards in forests, detecting oil spills in the water, evaluating the surface biomass of plants, and mapping ice shields.


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