Being part of Rostec, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation has completed the development of a microelectronic solution for a multichip pad for 3D integration. The technology called Krutizna allows mastering an absolutely new microelectronic solution and manufacturing 3-4 times smaller and lighter devices. It has already become a prototype for spacecrafts and aviation equipment.

“The corporation  used  concern Sozvezdie, Research Institute of Electronic Technologies, and Research and Production Unit named after Academician N.A. Semikhatov,” told Deputy Director General of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Andrei Chendarov. “The design project Krutizna manufactured an on-board module for processing, storing and exchanging information with external devices, for instance, for micro-miniature control systems of spacecrafts. Russia has no peers of that experimental module so far. The solution was developed on the basis of advanced hardware, the newest materials for microelectronics and process equipment. The solution consists of Russian hardware by 90%, and the plan for the nearest future is to reach the level of 100%”.

The new technology based on 3D integration allows upgrading the functions of the devices per unit area, to enhance the efficiency (for example by means of reducing the length of power links), to reduce power consumption of the devices, their size and weight. The weight of the previous model of the module was 38 grams, and the new one weights only 10, i.e. almost four times less. The size has been shrunk threefold, from 150 to 48 mm given the same functions.

“This technology can become the basis for the advanced solutions. At present, it can be used in parallel to the planar technology, but it shall replace the latter in the future,” mentioned the Chief Designer of Krutizna Andrei Stojanov. “The capacity of the module exceeds the total efficiency of the elements it consists of, what allows using it in combination with the latest hardware, such as microcontrollers, large memory modules etc.”

As of today, concern Sozvezdiye is upgrading the technology, which goal is to create a wide range of fast miniature multi-crystal computing and control devices for spacecrafts and aviation. 


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