The corporation has designed a second-generation airborne strategic control station for the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The first airborne station mounted on IL-80 has passed governmental testing successfully, and it will be supplied to the client by the end of 2015.

Airborne strategic control station is meant for operation deployment of the troops; it is used in case land-based infrastructure is not available, or if the land-based control units and communication lines are out of order.
“Securing strategic control over all branches of the armed forces, the system is unique by all means,” said Deputy Director General of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Sergei Skokov. “The enterprise working on the control station, Polet, is based in Nizhnii Novgorod. Besides Russia, only the US manufactures airborne equipment of such a level. American military call similar system the Doomsday Aircraft.”

The new generation of airborne control stations is special for its endurance, functionality, reliability, better weight and size, as well as lower energy consumption.

The design of IL-80 allows taking the generalship of the Russian Armed Forces, combat crew consisting of operational team of officers of the General Stuff, and technical experts responsible for the hardware on board.
Technical features of the equipment allow controlling ground-based forces, the Navy, Space and Air forces, and strategic rocket forces.
As it has already been reported, UIMC launched the development of the third-generation strategic airborne control station.

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