The leading developer of import substitution equipment for Russian Healthcare, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, is working on creating a technology and facilitating production of low-cost surgical systems called Navigator. Those stations will help doctors to navigate in a human body during complicated surgeries with high precision, and to minimize the risks for the patients.

“At the moment, Russian healthcare sector needs affordable surgical systems really bad. However, foreign stations are unreasonably expensive, and most Russian state-financed health facilities suffer from that,” said the supervisor of developing and manufacturing medical equipment by United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Alexander Kulish. “Therefore, we are developing a surgical navigation system, which is much cheaper than its foreign peers, has absolutely transparent and reasonable price, and at the same time shows the same quality features as foreign products. That solution will allow to completely fulfill the need of the Russian market in such systems and to reduce the costs for purchase and maintenance”.

Besides, the station has a function, which is one of the most important ones for pre-surgical planning, namely creating a 3D model of the area to be interfered. That option has become available due to the possibility to download the data on computer and magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray, and ultrasonic investigation.

The pattern Navigator uses is precise tracing of the tools in the area of the surgery with the help of electromagnetic field and special optical markers. At the same time, surgical procedures are visualized on the monitor in active 3D and in real time.

“Navigation systems can be used during such complicated surgeries as needle biopsy and resection of brain mass lesion, surgeries on the spine, knee or hip replacement, and other interventions that should be precise,” explained Alexander Kulish.

AO NIZEVT (part of UIMC) designs surgical navigation systems in the framework of the federal target program “Pharma 2020”, which envisages transferring Russian pharmaceutical and medical industry to an innovative development pattern. Mass production of Navigator stations is planned for 2017.


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