The corporation will supply China with communication systems for military airfields, and it will mount advanced communication systems on supermaneuverable fighters SU-35 that are to be delivered under a contract with Rosoboronexport. Those systems secure protected and jam resistant data exchange, and they integrate tactical aviation aircrafts in one network.

“Russia and China signed a huge contract on supplying multifunctional fighters SU-35. Those aircrafts will be possible to be incorporated into the automated control system of the Air Force due to the upgraded communication system S-108 mounted on the fighter,” commented Deputy Director General of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Sergei Skokov. “The system secures jam resistant information interactions within all communication solutions used by the Air Force. Compared to the previous generation, the system has considerably increased the capacity of radio lines, the number of data transfer channels working simultaneously, and credibility of the data received under the conditions of radioelectronic jamming; the time of delivering messages has shrunk”.

Besides, S-108 can retransmit signals between a land-based command center and aircrafts fulfilling the mission.

The aircrafts manufactured by Sukhoi company, including SU-35, are controlled with Russian hardware. UIMC will supply military airfields of People’s Republic of China with land-based systems NKVS-27 intended for communication with front-line aviation and aircrafts of other types.

“That hardware is designated for facilitating networks, communication channels and channels for exchanging data with tactical aviation aircrafts, such as SU-27SKM, SU-30MK2, SU-35 and others,” explained Sergei Skokov. “The system functions as a command center; it delivers steering commands automatically, retransmits the commands from higher command levels, controls and registers completion of the missions. NKVS-27 secures multichannel verbal communication and data exchange with aircrafts during any missions at a distance up to 1500 km”.

That product will be exported to China under a package aviation equipment supply contract with Rosoboronexport. In 2016, communication equipment for fighters will be delivered, and land-based equipment is planned to be shipped to China in 2017. Being part of UIMC and based in Nizhnii Novgorod, enterprise Polet will manufacture the products to be exported. The enterprise is the key developer of communication systems for the Russian aviation, including the 5th generation fighter T-50 and advanced long-range aircrafts.

SU-35 is a multifunctional fighter of 4++ generation: a modernized version of SU-27 with the elements of the firth generation hardware. UAE, Indonesia and Kuwait have also expressed their interest in that Russian fighter.

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